IRA Webinar

Ever met a nonprofit that didn’t want more money?

The Inflation Reduction Act—the IRA that can be of real benefit to you and your organization—its proceeds are on the way after much anticipation. This very important new legislation represents the largest investment to address climate change in United States history. The good news for nonprofits is that this IRA means that our clean energy efforts will now be rewarded through direct payment and other tax incentives to stimulate further action on our way to our communities and our individual organizations’ clean energy goals. Additionally, many of the financial benefits are aimed at disadvantaged communities.

Listen below for an expert description of the IRA’s content, timing, and financial relevance to your organization. Its arrival is imminent, and you should be prepared to take full advantage of these soon-to-be distributed funds.

CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Teams) and EnerChange are pleased to feature CERTs Manager of Public Sector & Community Engagement, Peter Lindstrom*, a leading authority on the new IRA legislation. We’ll be sure to leave plenty of time for Q&A.

*Peter served as mayor in Falcon Heights for 11 years and was a city council member for 8 years before that. He is a manager with Clean Energy Resource Teams at the University of Minnesota and works with cities to join and deepen their involvement in Minnesota GreenStep Cities. Lindstrom has served on the boards of the Roseville Area Schools Foundation, Family Housing Fund, Falcon Heights-Lauderdale Lions Club, and Northeast Youth and Family Services.