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Minnesota is a national leader in energy distribution and the pursuit of energy efficiency. EnerChange is honored to work with and among peers who are responsible for that leadership. In one way or another, we have all been diligently working to drive energy efficiency. EnerChange is proud to have addressed the opportunities in more than 1,000 buildings since our inception, saving nonprofits more than $20M and preventing over 44,255,773 pounds of carbon from being emitted into our atmosphere.

Regrettably however, even the combined efforts in this leading state have fallen far short in making the changes required to stave off global warming and the dire ramifications that continue to accelerate. EnerChange is responding by offering additional components to our energy-conservation menu of services. We all, as stewards of our planet, are running out of time.


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The answer to why global stakeholders have not yet risen sufficiently to the challenge before us is complex, to be sure.

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It’s a very large and daunting challenge. But rise, we must; the very existence of life on the planet that we love is in the offing. Dialog about this threat has been going on for a very long time. In modern history, Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb in 1968, and The Population Explosion in 1990 to address the crowding of our planet – a major contributor to today’s dilemma. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (2006), many books including Drawdown by Paul Hawken, David Wallace-Well’s The Uninhabitable Earth (2020), The Sixth Extinction and Under a White Sky, by Elizabeth Kolbert, are among the myriad of attempts to describe the importance of responding to the warming phenomenon. Recently, Speed & Scale by John Doerr (2020), and Fletcher and Smith’s Reaching Net Zero (2020), are among the solid efforts to provide the how-to for responding to the threat.

EnerChange’s mission is to transform information into action, and our mantra is whatever else you’re considering for energy conservation, do efficiency first.

Our philosophy continues to focus on action. As we enter 2023, we want to continue the focus on driving energy efficiency while expanding our menu of options for our program participants. In response to our nonprofit clients’ frequent requests for information about solar, we will guide them to authorities in that field in order to achieve even greater levels of efficiency. In addition, we are developing another service for nonprofits that can guide them to Net Zero energy use; a powerful long-term goal for many organizations. We trust that our newly refreshed website that speaks to the greater good resulting from implementing changes in nonprofit  buildings, will better serve the communities and beneficiaries of our clients’ services. Take a look:

Steve Seidl

Executive Director – EnerChange

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